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When creating a character, there’s a lot of questions you ask yourself. Whether it’s an original character or one you’ve been playing for a long time, using a character sheet to get to know your character better can always be a nice idea. With its help, you’ll be able to think about things you didn’t necesarily thought about, and ask some important questions to yourself that might activate your character’s voice, or help you to get your muse back with them. Everyone has their favorite character sheets, some people prefer to have a lot of questions, some others like it a bit more vague, so here’s a masterlist of the character sheets I found on various websites and found quite interesting, plus some other things that could be used to help you see, for example, how other character view yours. 

With these sheets, you could also try to find your character’s Jung and Enneagram Type or use the Moral Alignment tool. All of these things can be really useful to get a better grip on a character.

Then, if you’re trying to create a character, and do not have many ideas, or get stuck, I’d suggest for you to roam around TVTropes, which gives you a lot of tropes used for character creation. Maybe you could try to mix a few of these and create an original character?

Or, if you’re a skillful writer and know how to make your character different from another, make a list of characters in fiction you happen to find interesting and why. Try to keep it short. Then, maybe, try to mix and match things from two or three characters, take a character and change their backstory, to see what would change. Play with them to inspire yourself and create something new, original and truly yours.

Oh, and here’s a little guide to Mary-Sues and OCs, just in case you want to make sure your character isn’t going to become a Mary-Sue or a Gary-Stu

And last but not least, this article about building fictional character definitely seemed interesting to me, and is full of many other links that could guide you during the creating of your character and help you file one of these sheets.



a few people has asked me how i did the shifting thing in this but i don’t think i was clear enough aaHHH but i hope this helps !! _(:з ゝ∠)_

also very sorry for my suckish  engrish and explainations



Volavarn and I have collected and hoarded these, in order to make good use of them one day. Now we decided to share them, so all of you could use them too:

Color Pallet Generator


Clothing References/Costumes

HD Movie Screenshots

People and Animals - Classes

Muscles and Bones

Anatomy - you have to log in with your google or facebook account though

Concept Art

and always rememberimage

have fun :D


Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms of Nature)
by Ernst Haeckel

If you go here you can see 100 of these in enormous sizes. In German, but you can figure it out.

Anonymous sent: Do you have any resources or books with merpeople?


I certainly do, although not much. From the looks of things, you might need to get your most detailed information out of books. Here’s what I have:






The fake Animal Planet documentary is flooded with criticism, but I think it’s inspirational/entertaining if nothing else. Also note it includes the notion of a corpse being secured and dissected, for those where such a trigger warning would apply.

As for the MerNetwork and such… the reason I’ve linked these sites is because members of the MerNetwork are likely to know way more on this topic than anybody else. There’s always a chance you could find interesting or inspirational discussions on these sites. That said, be respectful and kind and remember you’re not entitled to anything from anyone. Generally, we have lovely followers and I know the majority of people don’t set out to hurt others, but  if you find you’re really unable to suppress the urge to share a negative opinion, do it somewhere out of the way and please don’t send in asks about it either. Although it’s of my understanding that merpeople are not otherkin, there are some correlations in regards to lifestyle and beliefs, which is why I have included ‘Otherkin’ in the title (plus, some may identify as otherkin, whereas some may not).

Otherwise, that’s all I can think of in terms of researching merpeople. I hope this helps (and if I’ve caused offence in any way, please let me know…)

- enlee


repeating pattern tutorial | example of coloured tile 


Cool Mixer Brush Techniques for Photoshop Painting

An interesting technique for the mixer brush in Photoshop, picked it up from Mathias Verhasselt, a fantastic artist who works at Blizzard. You should follow him on Facebook:

Presenting the magic of the mixer brush from PS CS5 and upwards. Sadly CS4 doesn’t have this feature. A very interesting video which gives a great deal of insight into industry methods. These are tricks and shortcuts to painting normally. As always, it’s best to have a firm understanding of the basics before you depend solely upon these methods.



Source: JaneMere



Flash FX Animation: Water Splash Tutorial


Frozen - Jin Kim


Another superb fuck-ton of head angle references.







Forest Interior tutorial by dpaint

Here is a way to organize the complex information of an interior forest. This will work no matter what your rendering style happens to be. Whether you are an impressionist painter like me or a realist, the basic building blocks for the picture are the same the only difference is how far you want to carry the finish. This photoshop demo is based on a traditional painting I did a while back.

The challenge is to arrange the information to give you the illusion of space where no horizon is apparent. Forest scenes work best when you use clearings to establish a foreground or middle ground to help divide space in the scene. It doesn’t matter if you are painting jungle or alpine forests the abstract qualities of design still apply.

It helps to visualize the anchor points of the composition first. These objects will have the most detail and can be flagged or spotlighted for greater effect. They will give your eye a place to go in the image allowing you to use areas of less detail as counterpoints.

I always start with large areas of color keyed to the average for that mass this helps to unify the shape. I set up the different layers and work between them to balance color value and shape. Once these are established to my liking I begin to develop and refine the painting adding interest as I go.

fuckedi fick fuck 
I so need to try this




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My favorite stock artists on deviantArt, for my own reference, but also in case anyone wants some pretty sweet stock images (though most of these people are fairly well-known).

  • ahrum-stock has the most insane poses. Seriously HQ dude.
  • mjranum-stock has an incredible range of poses, costumes, models, lighting, and angles. Also verrryyyy HQ.
  • senshistock has so many stock photos available it blows my mind. Not many different setups, but she always has unique poses and props.
  • fairiegoodmother I just think the female model is really pretty.
  • yellow-stock more pretty ladies, I’m sensing a pattern.
  • felixdeon this dude has some of the weirdest gay fetish stock ever (that’s not true) but he also has an extensive gallery of male nude stock photos which is pretty hard to come by (heh heh come by).

Probably will add to this later as I rediscover photos. Enjoy if anyone is so inclined.

this is very useful

rebloobin, this is awesome and I’ve had a few of these people on my DA watch list for a while now. LIFE DRAWING, PEOPLE.

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Anonymous asked you:

Hey, is it okay if you like do a tutorial on trees and shrubs? PS: I looooooove your art and tutorial they are just soooooo wonderful, inspiratonal, amazing.

aww thank you so much!! ;v; haha well I don’t know a lot of trees so here’s two I actually know lmao, oak tree and pine tree I will go study more tree names when I have the time ohgosh _(:3 7 hope it helps!

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If you’d like to order an ebook version of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, I’ve now added a PDF option! You can also order bookmarks printed on the front and back with drawing tips from the book.


My upcoming book, the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, will officially launch at the CTN Animation Expo (November 15-17, 2013). If you’ve already ordered a copy, either through my Kickstarter campaign or on my Sparkbook storejust stop by my table at the Expo and pick up your copy. Otherwise, as soon as I get back from the trip I’ll start mailing out pre-orders.

I’m having bookmarks printed containing drawing and acting tips from the book. These are sturdy 2 in. x 6 in. bookmarks, printed in full color on the front and back. Everyone who ordered a physical copy of the Sparkbook through my Kickstarter campaign will automatically get one when the orders are filled. The rest of you can pre-order them from my Sparkbook store.



The Sparkbook is available both as a physical book and as an ebook. I had resisted making the ebook available as a PDF, limiting the choices to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. After getting feedback from my backers and doing some more research, I’ve changed my mind and decided to make a PDF option after all. If you have already placed a pre-order and would like to change it to a PDF, just contact me and let me know.

Hundreds of people have pre-ordered the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, and I can’t wait to ship them out. See you at the Expo!